Clean Drop cleaning aid

 cleandrop_e_4prod                                                                                                                                                                            A lot of great coffee is spoilt by poorly cleaned coffee machines and coffee-servers. Sour and bitter coffee is often due to fat and residue from coffee and water has clogged the thin pipes inside the coffee machine. This can leave a bad taste to your coffee, and shorten the life expectancy of your coffee machine. Capsule machines also needs cleaning because impurities in the water, like humus and deposits, can make the coffee taste bad. This is why all coffee machines must be cleaned, and with Clean Drop you’ll do this in 1,2,3. 

For the coffee maker 

Fill the container with lukewarm water. Add one bag of Clean Drop and start the coffee maker. f_trakter_e_4_loresAfter about one minute you turn the coffee maker off. Leave it for a few minutes for the solution to work properly.Then you turn the machine on again. Clean the pot and filter holder with the solution. Run clean water through the coffee maker a couple of times.

For the capsule machine

The holder for the capsule must be empty. Fill the container with water. Add one bag of Clean Drop. Start the machine as if you were making coffee. When the machine has finished, you pour out the contents,
put the glass back, and repeat the process until the container is empty. Rinse the water container well. Fill the container with water. Repeat the process until the container is empty.


For the espresso-machine

Clean Drop removes built up coffee oils and residues from the brew group.

Fully automatic machine

Drop 1 tablet into the opening where the pre-measured coffee is dosed and follow the same procedure as for brewing coffee. The machine runs through the brew cycle using the tablet instead of the pre-measured coffee. Switch off the machine, remove the group f_espresso_e_4_loreshead and flush out any cleaner/coffee residue. (See machine manual). Replace the group head and start the machine.

Manual machine

Place 1 tablet in the bayonet’s blind filter (filter with no hole). Start the machine as you would to brew espresso. Leave the machine to run through its usual brew cycle using the tablet. Run the brew cycle once more without removing tablet residue. Release the bayonet and now remove traces of the cleaner. Repeat the process 5 times without a tablet to flush out any last traces. Finally, dissolve a tablet in hot water and use the solution to clean other metal filters and dispensing tubes. Use a special brush to clean the bayonet attachment point. Clean Drop leaves no taste after flushing. Please refer also to the cleaning procedure described in the manual that came with your espresso machine.


For the coffee serverf_kanne_e_4_lores

Use Clean Drop Coffee Server Cleaning tablets. Removes old coffee fur easily and leaves no taste from the cleaning aid. Fill up the server with hot water and 1 Clean Drop tablet. Leave for 5-10 minutes. Clean the inside with a brush. Empty the server and rinse well.


Clean Drop Descaler

Use Clean Drop Descaler to prevent limescale building up. Regular descaling ensures optimum performance and prolongs the lifetime of your machine.p_descaler_e_2_lores

Dissolve the powder in 1 litre of tepid water. Then follow your machines instructions for descaling.

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